Tyre Pressures for Electric Mobility Scooter Tyres

About Your Scooter Tyres….

Bill Bateman 24/10/2013

So, you have a Mobility Scooter. You use it almost every day. You do check the tyre pressures once every month, don’t you?…..

Great if you do – very costly if you do not. Correct tyre pressures are the one major item that the Medical Mobility Scooters owner can easily check that will greatly reduce the long-term running costs of your Scooter or Power Wheelchair. Why?

Let’s start with the tyre. It is designed to hold you and your scooter or electric wheelchairs weight at correctly set pressures. When the pressure is right the tyres ‘Footprint’ on the pavement is the correct size for handling and steering.

If the pressure is too high you can quickly wear out the centre of the tyre and have poor grip in almost all situations. Especially in the rain.

If the pressures are too low, the sides of the tyres will wear out quickly and the sidewalls will start to crack and fail due to flexing. The Mobility Scooters handling will be very poor and unprecise.

Low pressures will also drain battery power as the motor has to work harder to drag the ‘high friction’ tyres around. Motor brushes and scooter batteries will need to be replaced more often.

Low pressures in the front tyres will mean that you have to apply more steering force through the tiller. This causes faster wear in the steering joints and suspension. This is expensive to remedy.

To get the best from your Scooter, be safe and comfortable, check you tyre pressures every month. Buy a good tyre gauge. The ones at the servo’s are not always precise. Always set to the pressures in you manual. Never to the MAX sign on the tyre.

Our Shoprider Brand Electric Mobility Scooters are 30 psi in the rear tyres and 26 psi in the front tyres.

Remember – Check them every month!