Retirement at home

Are you sitting at home, staring out of the window and oh so bored because you have one or more mobility ailments that make walking a real problem?

Almost everyone has been independent all their lives and they are not about to ask for help now.  Well, that’s very, very wrong and that can be changed with just a simple phone call!

You may need a wheelchair, a power chair or one of the many mobility scooters that are on sale today.

Senior or disabled members of our community should have every chance to enjoy life to the full in every way and in many cases it is just the purchase of the right medical mobility scooter that solves the problem.

A new Shoprider may be all that is needed to give the support and confidence needed to get out and about. Get back out into the community and spend many more years in independence and out of that retirement home.

For more information visit our Products pages to help find the best scooter for you or give us a call and we will help.