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Mobility Online is now ONLINE!

We are now offering all of our great products Australia wide from here (our Website) and our new ebay store mobilityonline2016. This is for all our products except Scooters and Power Chairs that we only sell locally. Here on our Website you will see our new safe and easy to use shopping cart that is free for you to use with confidence. Items will be despatched by Australia Post on almost a daily basis. Please enjoy our updated Website Regards […]

Costs to run an Electric Mobility Scooter

That is a big question and is very pertinent for those on a very limited budget. There are many factors to take into consideration but as a Melbourne Mobility Scooter Dealer and myself as the serviceman then I have a good idea of what a Scooter or Power Chair Driver would expect to pay out over the years. Let us talk about a fairly standard Mobility Scooter. Not a mini Boot Scooter that strips to go into a car or […]

The Fifty-Pus News & Mobility Scooters

We advertise our Mobility Scooters here so “Congratulations” to the returning 50+ Newspaper! Many of us thought that we would hear no more about Mobility Scooters, Powerchairs and all types of equipment for the aged and disabled that could be found in your informative pages. It’s great to see you back things like ads for the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency as it can be hard to find this sort of product in the mainstream newspapers. Seniors Travel Insurance too is […]

Mobility Scooter – Huge Price Reduction

See our Phoenix Sports Scooter under “Large Mobility Scooters” for a great Price reduction. Only 3 red and 3 blue at this price. Phone today! Mobility Scooters at this price are a rare bargain!

Mobility Scooter will not go after a “Chat”

I have had many phone calls over the years asking why Scooters stop pulling away without fiddling with the key. Especially in shopping centres. Mobility Scooters in general, especially the better brands like Shoprider, have a built in battery saver programme in the Control Unit. It senses when the key is on but there has not been any driving for a few minutes. Normally the driver is chatting to a friend or in a shop. To save battery power it […]

Special Prices for Mobility Scooters

Mobility Online is a business that does not operate from an expensive Shop. We keep all of our great Shoprider Scooters and Redgum Accessories at our own warehouse and as such can pass huge savings on to our Customers. We will not be beaten on price – just ask! You can do that by using the ENQUIRE HERE section on the right of this page, email us or just pick up the old phone! All our accessories can go out […]

Retirement at home

Are you sitting at home, staring out of the window and oh so bored because you have one or more mobility ailments that make walking a real problem? Almost everyone has been independent all their lives and they are not about to ask for help now.  Well, that’s very, very wrong and that can be changed with just a simple phone call! You may need a wheelchair, a power chair or one of the many mobility scooters that are on sale […]

Battery News

Mobility Scooters Batteries: Do’s and Don’ts If you don’t look after them, they can cost you a fortune! Batteries can be a problem and a nuisance in any application but especially when they are the heart of Mobility Scooters. People are always giving different advice depending on charging and upkeep but it is all very simple: Electric wheelchairs and medical mobility scooters batteries LOVE being CHARGED! Keep them topped up, that is all you have to know. You cannot overcharge […]

Tyre Pressures for Electric Mobility Scooter Tyres

About Your Scooter Tyres…. Bill Bateman 24/10/2013 So, you have a Mobility Scooter. You use it almost every day. You do check the tyre pressures once every month, don’t you?….. Great if you do – very costly if you do not. Correct tyre pressures are the one major item that the Medical Mobility Scooters owner can easily check that will greatly reduce the long-term running costs of your Scooter or Power Wheelchair. Why? Let’s start with the tyre. It is […]

Electric Mobility Scooters – The Unique Car Replacement

Electric Mobility Scooters – The Unique Car Replacement Bill Bateman 24th October 2013 Our Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs are possibly the most cost effective and safest solution to keep our Seniors mobile after they have either lost or surrendered their licence. Medical Mobility Scooters, often called gophers, Shopriders or buggies – are a great replacement for getting to and from the shopping centre and doing all of those local trips that the car was used for. Disability Scooters come in […]