Costs to run an Electric Mobility Scooter

That is a big question and is very pertinent for those on a very limited budget.

There are many factors to take into consideration but as a Melbourne Mobility Scooter Dealer and myself as the serviceman then I have a good idea of what a Scooter or Power Chair Driver would expect to pay out over the years.

Let us talk about a fairly standard Mobility Scooter. Not a mini Boot Scooter that strips to go into a car or the huge ones that have very expensive tyres and batteries. Our example is a normal everyday machine that carries users up to say 135 kg’s. Scooter original purchase costs are excluded as we are only talking about running costs.

We are also assuming that you keep the electric Mobility Scooter or Powerchair tyre pressures set correctly. If you do not, expect to change tyres and batteries much more often due to ‘Tyre Drag’.

Our example is at the end of running your Mobility Scooter for three years.

So, you have been a good driver. You have just had your third annual service and because you have done this regularly on time then there have been no expensive repairs.

Three services would have cost about $500.00. You now need a set of tyres at about $250.00 fitted at the last service.

Mobility Scooter batteries (Good ones like ours!) should give about 300 charge cycles before they deteriorate. If you get 25km per cycle then they should take you a huge 7500 kilometers!

If you have not looked after them, they will probably be ready to be replaced. If you have charged them regularly you may get another year or two still. Let’s allow $250.00 as a partial scooter battery cost for the past period of three years.

So, basically we have 3 services @ $500.00. Tyres @ $250.00 and battery costs of about $250.00

The basic total so far is $1000.00 and is a fair estimate unless you have had some unforseen major expenses. There are 1095 days in three years so your running costs have been just 91 cents per day.

Remember, this is just an example. Please don’t phone me up and point out all the other costs you may have had! This excludes electricity costs for charging as it is not huge and a high percentage of users have electricity included with their accommodation.

Things to be aware of that cost you CASH L

Driving with flat mobility scooter tyres. This causes ‘Tyre Drag’, wears out your scooter tyres in short order and puts a huge strain on you batteries and motor as they try to drag you around. Keep them inflated. All Shopriders are 26psi in the front and 30psi in the rear. On the side of your tyres is a maximum pressure. Never, ever, inflate to this. You could have an older tyre explode in your face.

  1. Would you drive a car and never have it serviced? No. You know it would eventually grind to a halt and cost huge amounts of cash to fix it. A Mobility Scooter is just the same. Get you annual service done with a respected dealer. Again be aware that battery sales are an ideal extra for the service centre. If you are aware of the condition/age you can have an idea if it is changeover time.

If someone asks “How old is the Scooter”, you tell him 3 years and he says you will need batteries and he does not test them or have the correct test equipment – go somewhere else!

Insist that the steering Rose Joints are oiled with oil and not just sprayed with a spray can.

Flat batteries cannot be tested properly. When you have your annual service, charge the Scooter fully and send the charger with it. The charger output must be tested too.


Bill Bateman

Mobility Online