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Mobility Scooters Batteries: Do’s and Don’ts

If you don’t look after them, they can cost you a fortune!

Batteries can be a problem and a nuisance in any application but especially when they are the heart of Mobility Scooters.

People are always giving different advice depending on charging and upkeep but it is all very simple:

Electric wheelchairs and medical mobility scooters batteries LOVE being CHARGED! Keep them topped up, that is all you have to know. You cannot overcharge them – but you can undercharge them.

If you leave scooter batteries for a week they will start to self-discharge. If you then leave them for many weeks, unused and not topped-up they will start to permanently lose capacity and distance.

Two months of this miss-treatment could even render your batteries virtually useless. They are expensive to replace.

As batteries get older they will also start to lose their capacity to hold power (Amps) and your technician will replace them when they get to about 65% of their original capacity.

Regular charging will make them last much longer and not let you down far from home.

If you think you need batteries, have a look at ours. They are top-quality and in the last 18 years we have not had a warranty claim with this brand!


Bill Bateman